You created my inmost being

Years ago, my kids and I memorized Psalm 139 together. It is still precious to my heart. It is the passage my heart turns to when I am in turmoil.

This month, October, in honor of infant loss awareness, and my own little one (Tommy) who was born still on September 15, 1998, and in recognition of the thousands of babies aborted every month in our country, please join me in prayer. Please join me in committing to pray for the moms at risk for abortion, as well as the other family members involved, and the staff of hospitals and abortion clinics.

This is a daily holocaust happening in our own country, our own cities.

Please, spread the word. This is not a right. This is the murder of a child not yet born.  Get involved. And pray.

Please, commit to pray daily for the sanctity of human lives yet to be born.

Unique and United Women’s Retreat Audio – Day 2 ‘UNITED’

unique and united with stained glass

Here is day 2 from the Women’s Retreat.  On the topic of being United as One Body in Jesus Christ.

May God be glorified!

Enjoy and share as you are led.



Unique and United Women’s Retreat Audio – Day 1 ‘UNIQUE’

unique and united with stained glass

Last month, I had the awesome privilege of sharing on two topics very near and dear to my heart.  We are each unique creations of God and we are one body, united in Christ.

Here is the audio from the first talk – “UNIQUE.”  It is right around 30 minutes.

Enjoy and share as you are led.



Four Four 2015. Exalt Jesus with Me.

Thank you for the crossDear Jesus,
Thank you! Thank You! Thank YOU!  You are my hope, my joy, my peace, my love. My first love.

Indeed, You loved me while I was yet a sinner, still a sinner. You created me, called me, chose me. You set me apart.  Not because of my works, NO!  In spite of my works!

You chose me because of Your own purpose and grace.  Thank you!  Thank you!  You are worthy.  I cast my crowns at Your feet – You alone are worthy.  To You be all the glory and honor and praise.

You plucked me out of the devil’s snare.  You set my feet on the rock.  You covered me under Your wings.  You covered me with Your blood.  You redeemed me.  You paid the price for my sins.

By Your death, I’ve been set free.

My due wages – what I had indeed EARNED, what I DESERVED – was death.  Death is what I deserved, and yet, in Your great love, in Your great love for me, a sinner, unclean, a filthy blasphemer, a rebel, a persecutor of Christians, an opponent of the gospel, You reached down to me and drew me out of that miry clay.

You saw my need and You didn’t turn away – NO – You saw my need and You drew near.

You humbled Yourself, taking on the form of a servant, taking on my shame, my pain, my sin.  Jesus, You paid it all.  You paid it all.

Dayenu. It would have been enough for us.  More than enough.

Not only did You rescued me from my due penalty of death, but You have given me new LIFE.  You have given me joy and purpose and freedom and peace.

Dayenu.  It would have been enough for us.  More than enough.

Not only in the life to come, but, Jesus, You gave it to me right now.  You have given me eternal life, a blessing not only for the future, but for my daily life right now.

Dayenu.  It would have been enough for us.  More than enough.

You, Jesus, are more than enough.

Lord, You went farther, higher, deeper, wider than I can even understand.  Jesus, please, help me, together with all the saints, to grasp how deep and wide and long and high is Your love, the LOVE of Christ!  Indeed, Jesus, it passes my comprehension.

Thank YOU!  Thank you!  Thank You!

Thank you for Your love for me, for the lost sinners, rebels, enemies, wretches like me, here on this earth.  Fill me, Lord, and fill all my brothers and sisters, with all humility and gentleness and patience and love.  These fruits are ours by Your Holy Spirit.  Praise You, Lord.

May I love others because You first loved me.  Me, a sinner, a wretch, unclean.  I indeed was blind and lost and dead.  But You have made me see.  You have found me and given me life.  All Praise the Power of Jesus’ Name.

Father, may Jesus be EXALTED, High and LIFTED UP today in Memphis, Tennessee.  May Your Spirit rain down on us and fill AutoZone park that any who are blind would SEE Your POWER, Your MAJESTY.  I pray for all who are lost and dead will be found and reborn today, Lord.  May they know us by our LOVE for one another, and our love for You.  We lift Your Name on High.

In the matchless, mighty Name of Jesus I pray.  Amen.

Psalm 9:10

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord , have not forsaken those who seek you.”
Psalm 9:10 ESV


You alone will I seek. I put my trust in You alone, Lord. You have not, nor will not, forsake those who seek You.

Encourage us when we are weary, Father. Give us the power and strength to press on and not to lose heart.

You are worthy. You alone are worthy. To You alone be the glory and praise. In the mighty, matchless name of Jesus we pray. Amen.